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A unique new program joins the family

GUSA capital is a company with over 30 years of combined travel and leisure industry experience, leading the market in many branches of this industry in Mexico, we have established ourselves by following the simple goal of making travelling easier and more accessible to our clients, that way we add value to our clients vacation experience and help them get the most out of it.
After servicing the leisure industry and being travelers ourselves we noticed there wasn´t any program setup for airfares, we decided to start working on a program that would solve this and the answer was as simple as the program itself, letting someone else pay for the flights! Every year receive 500 USD towards your flights for the length of the contract, it's as simple as that!
The Flyback program is one of our top products because of the simplicity to enjoy its benefit and what it does for our clients, guaranteeing them a flight a year for next years.

Our history


Several companies in the leisure industry realized that there were certain gaps in the travel industry and started working towards filling this gaps by coming up with new programs.


Vacations start to be a necessity rather than a commodity and the travel industry starts to take shape, several companies start to merge to create new companies that focus on the new vacationer needs.


GUSA Capital is founded with the purpose of helping travelers get the most of their vacations.


The fly back program is launched into the market having great acceptance.


With a basis of nearly 3000 members, we expanded our offer to more destinations to accomodate travelers' needs.


We have redeemed succesfuly more than 5000 flights! Our program continues growing, always adapting us to become easier and more rewarding to use!

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Address: Calle 10 con 12, Edificio Jira Local 1-2-3, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, México. 77710
Phones: MEX/INT:+52(984)8030978, USA/CAN:1855 221 5828
Email: info@flyback.mx